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Read Sir Francis Drake

by Sim 5

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  •  GREATER BIOAVAILABILITY - A big problem, as we get older, is the ability to absorb our nutrients. one study stated that there is a 60% decrease in absorption over the age of 60 years. Macular support has a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics and betaine to increase the bioavailability. THIS MEANS YOU WILL GET BETTER AND QUICKER RESULTS WITH THE MACULAR SUPPORT
  •  Harmful fish oils! - We need omega oils for our brain and eyes BUT not fish oils. Studies at MIT have shown fish oils become rancid and very harmful at room temperatures. Fish oils are loaded with mercury. You need to take plant based omega oils
  •  Extra Lutein... Most formulas have an inadequate amount of this critical nutrient. We have 20 mg which is 5 to 10 times what most formulas have.
  •  Green Foods! Food is our best medicine and this formula has high quality green foods that your eye needs to heal and regenerate.
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"I am able to see better in bright light and not having to squint. I can see more color and it is easier to see without my glasses" E.C. ( PVD, Diabetic Retinopathy) Arizona

"I’m seeing shapes compared to only seeing light before" (Optic Neuropathy, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment) California

"I feel better, more energy and the colors are better. Green and blue vision is better" R.H. (ARMD) Nevada

"I can see things are brighter. Feeling more optimistic. Everyone says the whites of my eyes are more pronounced" B.H. (ARMD) Colorado

"The contrast is better and I’m seeing the text better now on the computer screen. I’m seeing the door handle" M.K. (Retinitis Pigmentosa) Pennsylvania

"Fantastic! It is a miracle!. I can read three more lines!"N.L. (Glaucoma) California

"I feel my vision is improving and I’m getting flashes of clarity" L.L. (Cataracts) Montana

"The “fog” has lifted" P.M.(Optic Atrophy), Arizona

"I’m able to read without my glasses. Vision improvement in the right eye" R.M. (Presbyopia, Hyperopia) Texas

"Letters are easier to read and there is enough light" B.M. (ARMD) Virginia

"I can read down one more line and read the newspaper with less effort" M.P. (ARMD) Washington

"I’m driving better at night. I’m not wearing my glasses at work! I see more clearly and can see further" G.Q. (Cataracts) Georgia

"Three months later my eyes are much improved"R.S. (ARMD) Kentucky

"I have more vision and more clarity for colors" D.T. (ARMD) Arizona

"I can see better. I can see pupils in my eyes and I can see color" D.U. (ARMD) California

"I’m noticing some changes in my eyes. The cloudiness is clearing up. I’m able to see the numbers on the bedroom clock"C.W. (ARMD) Arizona

"I’m feeling really great and my mind has cleared; it is not foggy! I’m seeing! Visual improvement is 6 letters in the right eye" E.W. (ARMD, Glaucoma) California
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